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From humble beginnings, Sara Annela Studio began in 2009 with a passion for art and a calling to create a business from it. My unique approach to every project sets me apart from your typical graphic designer. With years of experience in marketing, I believe there is no better way to deliver successful work unless you feel I am a team member looking out for your best interests—the customer.

Regardless if it's developing a boutique logo for a "mom-and-pop shop" or laying out a corporate marketing piece for Fortune 500 company, my principles always guide me to believe in an honest relationship between client and designer. Listening, understanding, learning, and collaboration are vital components.
Emerging myself as if I am part of your team and treating your customers as if they were my own. Applying that knowledge to visually communicate a design is what makes the work I do important for any industry and client I get the pleasure to work with! 

Committed to producing thoughtful design.

Upwork connects businesses like yours with independent professionals like me, from anywhere!

By working with me through a trusted platform like Upwork, you can take advantage of many benefits. Experience real-time communication and quick responses, transparent contract agreements, and overall greater quality of work. And we're just getting started! By signing up, we can maintain a long-term relationship allowing all your ideas to come to life.


So what are you waiting for?

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