From humble beginnings, Sara Annela Studio [sas] began in 2009 from a passion for art and a calling to create a business from it. Our unique approach that is different from any other design and marketing company is that we pride ourselves on having genuine connections with our clients and their needs.
There is no better way to deliver successful work unless you feel we are a team member looking out for you and your company's best interests. We emerge ourselves as if we're part of your team and treat your customers as if they were our own.
We're committed to producing thoughtful design.
Regardless if it's developing a boutique logo for a "mom-and-pop shop" or laying out a corporate marketing piece for an internationally known company, our principles always guide us to believe in an honest relationship between client and designer. Listening, understanding, and learning are vital components.
Applying that knowledge into visual communication as it would be seen through the consumer’s eyes is what makes our clients unique to rise above the rest. This technique is something we like to call, "The [sas] stamp of approval!"