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Case Study


The AMA Journal of Ethics® is a subsidiary of the American Medical Association and it was my responsibility to create a brand identity that coincides within the AMA brand.


✔ Art direction:

​The brand is inspired by the intrinsic beauty within science and medicine. In contrast to the typically sterile imagery seen in the medical field, the look and feel is the result of a more creative, holistic approach. Putting a lens on the world around us, we looked beyond the surface and found inspiration by zooming into the detail of everyday objects, animals, and even the human body. The microscopic pictures chosen to be featured as the main imagery is of penicillin, a frog eye, a fingernail, a flower bud, onion, fallopian tubes, a fern leaf, a cotton ball, and lung tissue. Their captivating textures, intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and organic shapes helped drive the visuals and support the AMA Journal of Ethics tagline: “To illuminate the art of medicine.”


American Medical Association


Chicago, IL, USA



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