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Case Study


The request was to only update the last stage of the flow due to a large drop-off rate, but instead I looked at the entire flow holistically and saw a much needed improvement that could be implemented.


✔ The new flow includes the following updates:

  1. Added a slider component to the value propositions so the user can choose to see the benefits if they wish

  2. “Get Sesame Cash” CTA sticks to the bottom while retaining the importance of the legal copy

  3. Consistent typographic hierarchy 

  4. Copy edited to be more concise and have clear communication with the user

  5. Consistent type color and branded font usage

  6. Remove unnecessary “Next” in the upper right-hand corner

  7. Remove 2/3 step loader graphic that wasn’t there in the other steps

  8. To reduce cognitive load, the flow has been refined to look (UI) and feel (UX) more consistent with the Credit Sesame brand


Credit Sesame


Mountain View, CA, USA



Credit Sesame Sesame Cash Sign-up Flow
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